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List Of Temples Which Let You Stay Inside

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Japan offers a wealth of experiences to travelers, especially when it comes to traditional cultural experiences. Called "shukubo," temple lodgings are accommodation offered to pilgrims and visitors alike, and are a great way to come to a deeper understanding of the country's religious practices.

10. Fukuchiin, Mount Koya

Fukuchiin is the temple lodging that’s located close to the Kongobuji Buddhist temple on Mount Kōya in Wakayama. This shukubo is also an onsen so you will have access to a communal hot spring (indoor and open-air) where you can relax. The guest rooms are Japanese-style so they will feature tatami floorings and futons. Some of the rooms also offer garden views. The price of the room also includes two vegetarian meals (breakfast and dinners). Guests are welcome to take part in temple activities such as the copying of sutras and traditional bracelet making.

9. Chishaku-in Kaikan Temple, Kyoto

Chishaku-in Kaikan Temple in Kyoto is the head temple for the Chizan sect within the Shingon Buddhism path. The temple has around 20 temple halls within its large complex and one of them acts as the shukubo. These private rooms are simple but offer both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms. The price of the stay includes one meal and the option to participate in morning prayers. Reservations are needed for dinners and are charged extra.

8. Togakushi Shrine, Nagano

Nagano’s Togakushi Shrine can be found at the foot of Mount Togakushi within Myōkō-Togakushi Renzan National Park. The temple lodgings are located within the complex and comprise two separate historic buildings offering Japanese-style accommodation. Two meals per day are included in the charges and feature specialties of the region, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

7. Osore-zan Bodai-ji Temple, Aomori

Mount Osore on the Shimokita Peninsula is counted among the three-most sacred mountains of Japan and that’s where the Osore-zan Bodai-ji Temple is located. Set against the backdrop of Lake Usori and the surrounding mountainsides, the temple is known as the place where spirits come to rest. The temple lodgings Shukubo Kisshokaku located on grounds offer Japanese-style rooms. The cost includes two vegetarian meals, served at the cafeteria as well as access to one of the four hot spring baths which are known for healing powers. Guests can also participate in prayer/memorial services and other available activities though prior reservations are required. Please note the temple is open only between May 1 and October 31.

6. Ekoin Temple, Mount Koya

The 1000-year old Eko-in Mt. Koya Temple is sure to offer an authentic Japanese temple lodging experience. The rooms are tatami-floored and come with futons and shoji sliding doors, plus basic amenities like TV. Most rooms come with garden views. Guests have access to facilities like a common bathroom and a hot spring bath heated with natural water of Mt. Koyasan. Traditional vegetarian Buddisht meals are served in the rooms during set timings the cost of which is included in the room charges. Guests can participate in a number of temple activities including meditation services, Sutra Transcription, morning prayers, and the Goma fire ritual. A night tour of Okunoin can also be arranged at an extra cost.

5. Zenkō-ji Temple, Nagano

One of the most revered temples of Japan, Zenkō-ji Temple in Nagano is popular with both locals and tourists. The temple lodgings called Zenkoji Tokugyoubou is located on the grounds of the temple itself. Styled in the traditional Japanese manner, the rooms are simply furnished with tatami mats and cotton yukatas. Guests can participate in morning prayers (“o-asaji”) and partake in special meals made for monks called shojin ryo.

4. Mii-dera, Shiga

Mii-dera Temple located near Otsu in Shiga Prefecture dates back to 672 and is one of the largest temple complexes of Japan. The shukubo experience here is high end. Called “Myogon-In”, guests rent a whole lodge that hosts a total of four persons. Though the facilities are modern the experience will be authentic in not only the atmosphere but also the activities offered. Guests also have access to a Japanese-style private garden. The price of the stay includes meals (vegetarian) and other experiences such as Shugendo / Yamabushi, zazen sessions, sutra copying and even Japanese craft classes. Please keep in mind that reservations may require up to 30 days’ notice.

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