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Enjoy a Day Trip to Hayama Isshiki Beach

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It's easy to see why visitors have come to love Isshiki Beach. With the waters of Sagami Bay touching its powder-fine sand, this beach offers a calm and peaceful day trip spot that everyone will love and appreciate. Once voted by CNN as one the world’s best beaches, visitors come here because there are a lot of exciting things to do.

17. Eat fresh & seasonal at Engawa Café & Space

Engawa Café & Space is located inside a heritage home that was built in 1934. This alone gives a lot of character to the place and enough reason for visitors to drop by. The café menu is centered mainly on seasonal and staple vegetables. All of which are sourced locally. Although meat, fish, seafood, and poultry make an appearance as well, the purpose of these ingredients is to simply enhance the flavor of the vegetables. The main focus of the café is to help their diners achieve a balance of mind and body through their food and drinks. All this can be enjoyed while lounging in a relaxing space.

16. Have fresh pizza at Villamarea

Hayama is a haven for great food. That includes international specialties like Italian cuisine. Here in the city, the best Italian food can be had at Villa Marea, a quaint Italian restaurant located in Isshiki. The place is known for its fresh pasta and Neapolitan style pizza. Pasta here is hand-made making sure that each customer gets the best tasting noodles. The pizza dough used in the restaurant is fermented to give it a rich taste and light texture. These go into a wood-burning stone oven for a few minutes. A noble feature of this restaurant is that all vegetables are bought fresh from the Kamakura City Agribusiness Cooperative.

15. Try Hayama beef at Hayamagyu Stake Restaurant Tsunoguruma

Hayama Beef is the pride of Hayama. It is one of the revered Wagyu types in Japan. There are a number of places where you can partake of this succulent delicacy in Hayama. Hayama beef is prized for its high-fat content which results in a very tender and juicy piece of meat. The equal distribution of fat all throughout the cattle leads to its intense marbling and buttery taste. This is all possible because of the inactivity of the cow when being raised by farmers. If you want to have the best tasting Wagyu in Hayama, go to Hayamagyu Stake Restaurant Tsunoguruma.

14. Watch the Hayama Kaigan Fireworks Festival

Block off this day on your calendars folks. July 25th, 2019 is the day that the Hayama Kaigan Fireworks Festival is going to blast off! Starting at 7:30 pm, organizers will launch around 1,200 fireworks into the air in time for Japan’s Hanabi Taikai or Fireworks Festival. The embankment of Isshiki Beach becomes a stage full of magical explosions. Although small in number compared to other fireworks festivals, the skies of Hayama becomes a screen filled with colors and glitter that will leave everyone in awe. Visitors who want to get the best view of the show are suggested to come early and find the best spot on the shore.

13. Tour the grounds of Hayama Imperial Villa

The Imperial Villa in Hayama is one of the most visited places in this city. This is where the imperial family spend their winter whenever it gets too cold up north. In 1894, the property came under the ownership of the Imperial Household Agency. Situated in the Miura Peninsula, the villa is surrounded by picturesque gardens with ponds and pathways that visitors can take while taking photos of this beauteous piece of land. Sakura trees that line up in abundance become a beautiful sight to look at during cherry blossom season. From here, you get to see a panoramic view of the expansive Sagami Bay.

12. Visit Hayama Lighthouse & the Red Torii on Najima Island

Najima Island is in one of the best locations in Sagami Bay. Although isolated, this island is visited by quite a number of visitors because of two reasons. First is the Hayama Lighthouse which stands tall and proud on the island. It is also called the Yujiro Lighthouse with reference to the famous actor Yujiro Ishihara, who until now has a strong following and fan base. The other feature is the red torii gate which symbolizes the presence of Shinto religion and faith in the island and the surrounding areas. Looking at these two from Morito Beach gives you a glimpse of Mt. Fuji looming large in the background.

11. Bask under the sun on Morito Beach

Morito Beach is another popular destination in Hayama that lies next to Isshiki Beach. Feeding on the waters of Sagami Bay, this beach has a long and wide sandy shoreline which visitors love to frolic on. This is a family-friendly destination and kids are welcome to jump into the friendly waters of the bay. Calm and peaceful, numerous beach houses line up the shore and help make visitors’ stay more comfortable. The beach has something to offer every type of vacationer. Solo, families, friends, and couples are all welcome to spend their day here in Morito Beach. One feature that this beach has is the lack of garbage bins. Visitors are encouraged to manage their trash personally.

10. Meditate at Morito Shrine (Moritodaimyōjin)

The Morito Shrine stands close to the beach making it a beautiful place of worship. For visitors with tired souls, this place is perfect to spend some quiet moments and clear their minds. Its serene surroundings include thousands of pine trees that provide visitors shade from the scorching sun. However, the most significant element of its vicinity is the red torii standing on a rock on the water. Positioning yourself in front of the shrine offers you a glimpse of one of the best sunsets in Japan. Two round rocks stand nearby and are believed to bring good luck to those who touch it.

9. Stroll inside Hayama Shiosai Park

Take a respite in one of Hayama’s most relaxing places as you stroll along the paths and greens of Shiosai Park. Located at the old site of the Imperial Villa, it is now the site of a marine life museum and a Japanese garden. Trees, plants, and flowers abound in this place and all these come in their colorful glory. A waterfall called Fumi Falls provides a refreshing site to all visitors here. If you want to take time out from all the walking, order a hot cup at the on-site tea house where you can sit back and rest your tired legs.

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