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New Items from 3 Best-Selling Skincare Brands

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Senka, Suisai and Sekkisei are three of the most popular skincare brands in Japan. At a relatively affordable price point, and easy to locate in local pharmacies, they are quite familiar names throughout the nation. In 2016, the big three companies have been releasing hot new products and we'll showcase a few of those here.

Senka Perfect Essence Silky Moisture

Senka's Perfect Whip is a very popular facial cleanser here in Japan. However, after clearing your face of impurities, you'll need to apply moisturizers to soothe your freshly cleaned skin. One product is Senka's Perfect Essence Silky Moisture, a lotion containing natural silk essence that makes your skin feel silky smooth while the thick texture provides rich hydration.

- (Japanese)

Senka Perfect Gel Night

Unique and convenient, this product is an all-in-one moisturizer for overnight treatment. It acts like a facial pack, sealing in moisture until morning. Apply this after cleaning your face for quality nighttime skincare.

- (Japanese)

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Suisai's best-selling powder cleanser has been upgraded. As of September 2016, the new formula boasts a lather that's now finer and bouncier than ever. You'll have to give this new and improved version a try.

Suisai Lotion

This product contains fermented soy milk and pear moisturizing ingredients to deeply hydrate skin, making it super smooth! Even better, you can choose from three different versions to personalize your skincare:

• Light, for oily skin
• Rich, for normal skin
• Extra rich, for dry skin

Sekkisei Herbal Gel

A new product released in Spring 2016, this multi-functional gel improves skin concerns (such as moisture, skin texture, roughness, radiance and firmness) and is a good follow-up after using Sekkisei's lotion. Though this is a new product, it has already become very popular and is available (like many of these other products) at major drugstores throughout the country.

- (Japanese)