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5 Tokyo Cafés Featuring Famous Animals

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If you want cuteness overload, this list will guide you to popular cafés made known by some world-famous animals—from dogs like Snoopy to Japan's favorite cat, Kitty-chan. On your next café adventure, indulge your palate while enjoying a feast for your eyes with these cute characters.

5. Go Nuts at Peanuts Café

Your furry friend may be off-limits at Peanuts Café, but you won't miss him as you enjoy the delights at this pretty spot in Nakameguro. Comfort food is redefined in this Snoopy-themed café, as it offers burgers, shakes, coffee-based concoctions, desserts and more. Because this place is a favorite among hipsters, trend-followers and local residents, you may be required to reserve a table days in advance. The café also has a variety of interesting merchandise, making it a haven for every dog lover.

- (Japanese)

4. Bury Yourself in Peter Rabbit's Garden Café

This café in Jiyugaoka is almost a scene from a storybook, as it's nestled in a grassy lawn with a manicured garden; a sculpture of the famous animal stands by to welcome the guests. You need not be a fan of Peter Rabbit to enjoy this place, for it offers cute and filling food options that are reasonably priced. A lazy weekday in this café is easy like Sunday morning.

3. Binge in Black & White Fashion at Ojipan Café

While most everything in Harajuku screams for attention, this café is worth a second look. It's not your usual café serving cutesy desserts only—in fact, it's more famous for its omurice (omelet and rice), food that totally represents a unique Japanese experience when compared to the menus of most cafés offering Western options. The café doubles as a merchandise store, selling cute Ojipan items.

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2. Two Ears Up for Nicolas House

Everything in this Harajuku café is too cute to eat. Inspired by the famous Dutch character Miffy, this dessert place boasts its "usagi cream puff," which is of course not made of rabbit, though usagi means just that. Nicolas House's specialty is made of the famous milky cream inherent to Japanese choux cream pastries. But the café has more than just that. It has parfaits, crêpes, cakes and several flavors of ice cream.

If you're starving, the second floor dining hall is not to be missed, for it serves authentic French dishes, from light salads to steaks. Expect good quality from this café as the man behind this cute concept store is a serious chef—Nicolas Shaar, a native of France.

- (Japanese)

1. Purr in Peace & Quiet at Café de Miki

If you want a sweet escape, head to Odaiba for a dessert date at Café de Miki. This London-inspired café serves scones, pancakes, parfaits, cakes and a variety of drinks common to coffee places. If you can't decide what to try, go for the cream ribbon pancakes, which are basically buttery pancakes smothered in a creamy topping and stamped with Hello Kitty.

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