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8 Bike Tours in Kyoto

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Kyoto, also sometimes called the thousand-year capital, is the capital city of Kyoto Prefecture. It is located in a valley in the Kansai region of Japan. The geography and scale of the city allow easy navigation on a bicycle making it a great city to explore on a bike. Read on to learn about the bike tours you can go on in Kyoto by Trip101.

8. North Kyoto bike adventure

Explore the northern parts of Kyoto by bike. This tour starts from Cycle Kyoto at 10.00 am and it is led by a local guide. The first stop is Nishi Honganji Temple where you will get in. Have a light snack in the sanjo shopping arcade before heading to see Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Then we proceed to the Golden Pavilion. Be treated to a mouthwatering Japanese lunch followed by going to the Imperial Palace. The lunch adds a most welcomed twist to this tour. Cycle down the gentle downhill river path towards Gion, navigate through the backstreets and cross over the Kamo River. The tour then ends at the starting point.

7. Kyoto three-hour cycling tour

Kyoto is a city best explored through cycling. Marvel at the scenery through this tour. The tour begins at NORU, led by an English speaking guide. Visit the World Heritage temples and shrines, slowly go through quieter backstreets to the intimate Zen gardens. Explore through the beauty of the Golden Pavilion and Kyoto’s oldest Geisha district. This tour is suitable for people over 13 years who can ride a bicycle. This tour provides a great opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Kyoto.

6. The hidden water cycling tour of Kyoto

Limited to only eight people, embark on this bike tour that takes approximately three hours. The tour starts from Friends Kyo at 2.30 pm under the guidance of a guide. Arrive 15 minutes earlier. Explore this water-themed Kyoto bike ride, which follows the Kamo River, and get to dip your toes in the clear river water. Then, cycle to a 2,000-year-old shrine surrounded by an ancient forest to find the source of the water for the Kamo River. Be thrilled as you see the underground headquarters of Japan’s notorious crime gangs. Learn about Kyoto’s water trade. Go through a former red light district and make a brief stop at the headquarters of the notorious Yakuza. Catch a glimpse of the floating world of the geishas and maikos of Kyoto. The tour then ends at the starting point where tea made from the well water you collected is served. The minimum age for this tour is 18 years.

5. Arashiyama bamboo bike tour

On a multi-speed Cannondale bicycle, explore the beauty of bamboo, the tranquility of temples and some of the best scenic panoramas Kyoto has to offer without all the people. The tour is limited to six people. Under the guidance of a native English speaking bilingual guide, undertake this tour that starts at JR Saga Arashiyama train station at 8.00 am and takes 3 to 4 hours. You should, however, arrive 20 minutes earlier. Start by seeing attractions like Togetsukyo Bridge, the Unesco World Heritage and Tenryuji Zen Temple followed by cycling through a scenic backstreet of Kyoto’s preserved historical landscapes. This will lead to the renowned bamboo forest of Arashiyama. The route is suitable for people at all levels of fitness.

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