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  • Lawson seeks to realize its Corporate Philosophy of "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities" by operating neighborhood stores centered on its chainstore development and operation in Japan. Since opening its first store 40 years ago in June 1975, Lawson has evolved in response to changes in lifestyles and the social environment, resolving inconveniences that arise in its communities.

  • An Aussie who moved to Tokyo in 2015 to pursue further studies after hopping around Asia for a few years. In my spare time I like to play with mud (I'm mad about ceramics!), ohm, nom, and flick through the occasional paperback.

  • Highlighting Japan is an online magazine published once a month by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, aiming to help readers better understand Japan today.

  • Writer ninja extraordinaire.

  • Japanese girls' pop culture: idols, fashion, anime, lifestyle and fun! From the streets of Tokyo to the world, we keep updating various information for you!

  • 极其平凡,只是泪腺特别发达。目前就读于同志社大学Liberal Arts。喜欢在看小说看电影听音乐时顺便做白日梦。无论何时都想着玉子烧。

  • Basically, my blog is a window into the life of my husband (Ryosuke) and my entertaining and wonderful life in Tokyo. I post five times a week, switching between blog posts, comics, and videos. Hopefully you find something you like and stick around.

  • All About's photography guide is a professional photographer who also offers seminars, with tips on techniques from scenery to product shots all over Japan. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work in All About Japan focuses on Japanese traditional and pop culture, as well as photography.
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  • Anime News Network was created as a news source that focuses on the medium of Japanese Animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga). With in-depth coverage, analysis and commentary to provide insight into the world of anime and manga, ANN has been and continues to be the #1 English language source for anime and manga news on the Internet.

  • Published in English, OISHII is an informative magazine from Singapore that brings Japanese cuisine and culture to the world.
    From traditional Japanese culinary culture to culinary journeys, ingredients to recipes, and distinguished chefs to F&B-related cutting-edge technology, the magazine features insightful articles that touch on every season in Japan.

  • We're pleased to introduce Japanese companies offering everything from cutting-edge technology to delectable cuisine, high quality components and high fashion innovation. Small, skilled enterprises like these lay the foundation for Japan's economic growth.

  • A premier source of English information and lifestyle content for people living in and wanting to find out more about Tokyo. Est. 1970.

  • Products and culture from Japan are steadily becoming a part of New Yorkers' lives today, and it is our mission to provide the best guide to Japanese culture. CHOPSTiCKS NY features articles on the current atmosphere in Japan and Japanese culture in NY, along with over 800 listings of restaurants, grocery & liquor stores, beauty spas, healthcare and more.

  • Donald Ash is an ATLien expat who has been living in a Japanese time warp for the last seven-plus years. While in aforesaid time warp, he discovered that he absolutely loves writing, blogging, and sharing. Donald is the creator, writer, designer, editor, programmer and occasional bad artist of blog (yeah I know... way too many hats huh?). Wanna know more about this guy? You can find him at!

  • Fun Flying Four is a blog dedicated to our adventures while living in Okinawa … with two young kids in tow. Originally from New Zealand and now living in Okinawa with my Air Force husband and two young daughters. We love to explore Okinawa as much as we can, and when possible we love to travel around Asia.

  • 中国沈阳人。现为东洋大学社会学硕士研究生。曾获第十二届全国新概念作文大赛二等奖。2011年弗罗里达迪士尼世界实习生。喜欢旅行,电影和历史。喜欢静静坐在木屋,用纸笔诠释世界。

  • 自由译员、编辑、《透世文学》会员。

  • Tokyo­based DigitalHub.JP produces and promotes made-­to-­order multimedia products of the highest quality, leveraging longstanding tech industry contacts and co­-publishing relationships with Japan-­focused news sources, offering both content production services and a multilayered distribution point.