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올 어바웃 재팬 작가

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  • I first came to Japan in 2004, and have lived in different areas of Japan before moving to Osaka. I'm a teacher, editor, and singer here, performing almost every other month. I'm also interested in writing and photography (especially product pictures and animals), as well as stop-motion animation, cooking and video games.

  • Tokyo Otaku Mode is all about sharing Japanese otaku culture with the rest of the world.

  • Sarcastic British guy living in Japan. Wonderful and bizarre and experiences await. As seen on TV! BBC, The Guardian, Reddit, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, London Metro, RocketNews24. Presented by Chris Broad.

  • An internet media site about anime and otaku culture, Honey's Anime abounds with fan polls, top 10 lists, cosplay collections and recommendations for series you'll definitely want to check out next!

  • I learned cooking from my mom at a young age. She cooked for us every night and I still get very excited when I visit my home in Japan because I can eat her delicious meals. The name Just One Cookbook came from my passion to make "just one cookbook" for all my family recipes, so I can save all the recipes my family enjoys in one place and then one day pass them on to my children.

  • Japan is known for producing quality products, from traditional handicrafts to modern goods. 100 Japan is a collection of representative Japanese workmanship ranging from beauty and fashion to kitchen goods and home decor. Add a touch of Japan to your day-to-day life—straight from our shores!

  • Tokyo girl, loves outdoors and living in Tokyo. Chilling out with my Dominican husband raised in San Francisco.

  • All About's photography guide is a professional photographer who also offers seminars, with tips on techniques from scenery to product shots all over Japan. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work in All About Japan focuses on Japanese traditional and pop culture, as well as photography.
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  • 208 large and small islands make up a pretty beautiful landscape that attracts countless visitors to the 99 islands of Sakai National Park. You can find flowers, sunshine, games, music and the reproduction of a 17-century Dutch street called Huis Ten Bosch. Since the government set up the navy in the Meiji Era, the result is a military port and shipyard bringing prosperity to the port city. The US military base brings rich history and international customs: all this adds to the charm of Sasebo.

  • Out of all the traditional cultures that have originated in Japan, there is one most tangible cultural experience of power and beauty—that is the matsuri (festival). We believe the matsuri of Japan to be world-class cultural assets of local communities. Through visiting local regions and getting to know the culture first-hand, matsuri are sure to provide a chance for overseas tourists to further their enjoyment of Japan.

  • Highlighting Japan is an online magazine published once a month by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, aiming to help readers better understand Japan today.

  • I like to call myself a “word artist” because I like to “paint” pictures with words. And sometimes I get lazy and actually use pictures. Though I’ve always had this inexplicable impulse to write about things, this is the first time I’m actually doing something about it—finally.

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  • Actor, director and writer calling Japan home for the past seven years. Lover of the stage and all things Final Fantasy. Hobbies include drawing, gym, and cooking (but not simultaneously).

  • Kyushu is a top-tier travel destination blessed with beautiful seasonal flowers, delightful driving roads and luxurious hot spring locales. Online travel companies participating in the 2016/10/1-12/28 campaign are offering Kyushu travel at up to 50% off. There's plenty to enjoy in Kyushu! Find out more at the
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  • Writer ninja extraordinaire.

  • Our Tokyo-based team is ideally placed to bring you the latest in Japan & Asia tech news, the cool and the cultural. Our privileged, personal relationships with major industry players allow us to offer previews, reviews and interviews found nowhere else.

  • Basically, my blog is a window into the life of my husband (Ryosuke) and my entertaining and wonderful life in Tokyo. I post five times a week, switching between blog posts, comics, and videos. Hopefully you find something you like and stick around.