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Use of Data in Internet Advertisements

Obtainment of Informative Data

All About, Inc. (The “Company”) obtains information that can be made available to analyze users’ interests and preferences (“Informative Data”) by accumulating users’ web browsing history and purchase history on e-commerce websites, etc. on “All About” operated by the Company and other services operated by the Company (collectively the “Services”) by using “Cookies”, industry-standard technologies with which a web server identifies user’ computers (browsers).

  1. Cookie ID (a code attached every time a website sends a Cookie);
  2. IP address information (an identification number allocated to a computer connected to a network e.g. Internet);
  3. URL of a website visited by a user through a computer (browser);
  4. Segment and analytical results, etc. of a website page browsed by a user through a computer (browser);
  5. Website visited, website page browsed, and history of other transitions and activities by a user through a computer (browser); and
  6. Information such as web browser type and version and operating system type and version used by a user

As the aforementioned information is not able to identify a specific individual, the Company does not consider it personal information.
In addition, the Company retains Informative Data it has obtained for two (2) years from the date on which a user (user’s computer (browser)) has last visited the relevant website.

Use of Informative Data

Informative Data used for the Services are used for the following purposes:

  1. Effective advertisement distribution of targeting advertisements, etc.;
  2. Development and improvement of products and services;
  3. Research on the number of displays of and the number of viewers led to a linked website through advertisements distributed by the Company; and
  4. Production of statistical information processed so as not to be able to identify an individual.

Recipient and Purposes of Provision of Informative Data

The Company may provide Informative Data to its partner companies such as advertisement distributors, publishers and advertisers (“Partners”) for the following purposes. The Company does not add to Informative Data any information that identifies a specific individual.

  1. For Partners to provide information matching tastes and preferences, etc. of users who have browsed a website;
  2. For Partners to develop, improve and provide products and services; and
  3. For Partners to propose products and services to their clients.

Upon providing Informative Data, the Company shall set the following conditions for Partners:

  1. To use Informative Data only in the scope of the aforementioned purposes;
  2. Not to commit acts which would breach the Act on the Protection of Personal Information; and
  3. To ensure that Partners provide Informative Data to others with the conditions set forth in 1 and 2 above attached.

Disabling Cookies

A computer (browser) used by a user may remove cookies issued by the Services by changing its setting. It may also disable cookie functions by changing its setting. However, please be informed in advance that services on a website may become unavailable in whole or in part as a result of such change.

The Company’s Privacy Policy

Please refer here.

Security Control Measures on Informative Data

In handling Informative Data, the Company takes security control measures under the strict management to prevent the unauthorized access to, leakage, loss or damage of Informative Data (including its loss, destruction, falsification), as well as continuously reviewing the contents and methods of such measures in the effort to rectify and improve the same.


Notwithstanding the above, a separately stipulated policy is applied to the following service with respect to the use of data on Internet advertisements. For details, please refer to the policy of the relevant service.