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90 Tonosawa, Hakonemachi, Ashigara-Shimogun, Kanagawa 250-0315, Japan

'ICHINOYU' was founded in 1630 as a pioneer of the hot spring hotel industry in Hakone area and even painted by the famous UKIYOE painter - Ando Hiroshige.
Here in the traditional environment,You'll surely be satisfied with Japanese culture.

Number of rooms 22Japanese style rooms (Room with private open-air bath, Room with private panoramic bath 10 Standard room 12)
Service charge ×
Hotel tax ×
Spa tax 150 yen per adult
Pet acceptable × (Helper dog, Staying in a car is excluded.)
Wheelchair acceptable ×
Stairs (There are no elevator facilities and there are 4 floors at this hotel.)
Portable phone (There is a place where the electric wave doesn't reach by the place.)
Single stay × (Acceptance policy is depending on each season.)