All About Japan

All About FAQ Week

You've got questions; we've surely got the answers! Here are some of the top questions from our readers like you.

All About Vegetarian Japan

How do you survive as a vegetarian in Japan?


Get the best of Japan by traveling the'Rising Dragon Road.'

All About Karaoke

Get the party started with our guide to all things karaoke!

All About Seasonal Autumn Cuisine

No matter the season, you'll always find amazing seasonal produce and fresh foods all across the country.

All About Miyagi

Culture, history and an abundance of delicious foods are just a few things to love about Miyagi.

All About Cheap Tours in Japan

Japan doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

All About Golden Week

All about Japan's most anticipated holiday!

All About Otaku

Otaku abound in Japan and abroad. But what exactly is an otaku? There are many kinds!

All About Shopping Streets

Avoid the crowds and find great deals at one of these fantastic local shopping streets!

Travel Awards 2017

Check out the best in Japan travel from 2017!

All About Day Trips

Go out and explore the best Japan has to offer by taking one of these exciting day trips.

Dating in Japan

Find love in the Land of the Rising Sun

Summer in Tohoku

Summer in Japan's north is a cool affair!

All About Accommodations in Japan

From compact capsule hotels to traditional Japanese inns, there's a wide variety of accommodations across Japan to suit every type of traveler.

All About Tohoku Pacific Coast

The natural splendor and culinary treasures of Japan's northeast region are unparalleled. You truly must experience the wonders of the region yourself!

All About Kimono

Everything from sleeves to sashes.

Local Creators' Market

Check out these five Japanese locales noted for exquisite traditional handicrafts.

All About Samurai

Unveiling the mystery surrounding the stoic swordsmen of ancient Japan.

Tohoku I Found it!

You won't believe the undiscovered treasures just waiting for you in Tohoku!